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A collection of Christmas singles recorded from 2009-2016.

Alright guys. I promised you something last year. I said this year would be better, even if it wasn't. It wasn't. Sorry. But, we're still here. We're still trying to love each other. That counts for something.
Maybe I cheated this year by writing a happy song. It's ok to lie for art, right? I'll leave that up to you to decide.
Remember, it's ok to be sad. It's ok to need help. It's ok to need love and to lean on your friends and family. I hope you have people you can trust and lean on in your life. I hope there are people who trust and lean on you. Let's love each other even harder next year.

Here's to 2017.

-Jordan, on behalf of Duane, Adam, and Tory


released December 12, 2012

All songs recorded and mixed by Jordan Banks, except Hang Our Hopes - recorded and mixed by Steffen Yazvac.



all rights reserved


YEARS West Lafayette, Indiana


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Track Name: For Another Chance (For Another Year) - 2012
May each bell that sounds lift up a heart that's been weighed down.
Let them be found ringing out life from the cold.
Many our hearts are to mend but
Still come these longs nights when our hours are spent
Hoping this Christmastime will come right where we are.

Maybe we'll find an answer wrapped inside a box under the tree,
But me and my friends would rather be set free.

My friend its not only about what we've lost,
But the grief in our hearts fights hard for its turn to be heard.
But if just for this time, let us surrender our pride
And not long for anything but peace in our hearts.

Maybe we'll find an answer wrapped inside a box under the tree,
But me and my friends would rather be set free.

How white is the snow until everyone goes outside!

Maybe we'll find an answer wrapped inside a box under the tree,
Or wander downtown to the fountain
Where the brightest lights keep the ice from freezing.
Still the bells keep on ringing though its ten below, Christmas Eve,
May we finally be set free.
Track Name: Waste Your Love (Xmas 2015)
I was lying on the couch and I was shaking still.
All the snow had rained away and trickled on downhill.
Cold winds blowing through the bones of this old house.
You keep going, I'm through stopping you now.

When the needles start to grey I will burn them too,
and these creases on my face will leave the only proof.
Old wounds glowing in the lights I've strung up now.
Days keep rolling, I'm not stopping them now.

I hear silent nights are here, colder than I feared, to ring in the next year.
It's still a promise unfulfilled, and your signs of goodwill are ringing in my ears.
I give up.
Waste my love.

While you're dreaming of ice freezing, I'm pleading, "Day be done."
I try singing, my eyes stinging, "God bless us everyone."
Track Name: Don't Rest A Wink (Xmas 2016)
Hang your hopes on this branch.
The lights flash and dance around the dreams I've been dreaming.
Your little hands in my gloves, are you warm enough?
Because you look like you're freezing.

I don't rest a wink until you're sleeping on my right.
We're counting down the days and the cold nights.
It's another week away, but I'm leaving on the lights all night.
Now we're just passing time.

Sleep light, we'll watch the streetlights form a halo of white until there are blankets outside.
Stay in, we'll watch the same things again.
We'll send a message to friends:
"Yeah, we'll be just fine."

The shovel broke in two.
The plows, they don't come through until noon.