Don't Be Scarred


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Cameron McCarthy This album is simply a really well written piece of art Favorite track: The Awful Blessed Thing.
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YEARS' lead singer, Jordan Banks' first release "Don't Be Scarred" was originally a solo project. Not long after its release, YEARS was formed and swallowed up "Don't Be Scarred." This record is home for a few classics that still see some stage time here and there, including "Woman".


released March 30, 2009

All songs by YEARS
All songs © 2009 YEARS

Mixed & Mastered by Jason Martin, except “Woman (Reprise),”mixed by Jordan Banks, mastered by Jason Martin. Artwork by Sara Schloss.
Layout by Adam Jahn.



all rights reserved


YEARS West Lafayette, Indiana


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Track Name: The Awful Blessed Thing
I was never what you wanted, I will never be what you need me to be. You were never what I longed for, although I thought that you might make me complete. Now I’m ready to see what really lies beneath. I would have preferred more lies. When I looked into your eyes I saw what I could not believe. That even though you were my wife, you could not give into me. As you laid back in my bed, my dear, you were so impolite. I must confess, what I did was not quite right. Now I’m ready to see what really lies beneath. I would have preferred more lies. I would like to take your ring, the awful blessed thing, and melt it to its core. I would like to take your vows and read them to you now. Now that you’re just a whore. I would like to take your dress into the streets to confess the awful things we’ve done. I would like to take your hand, as if we were to dance, for my dear, we’ve only just begun.
Track Name: The Picture Drawer
We were so young and stupid but I thought that I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. I wanted your love but knew nothing of love. I wanted your love, but I threw it away. You moved and found yourself vacant. I came back too late and found you taken. I found you’d gone. I wasn’t enough, I only ever hurt you. I wasn’t enough and will never be. But just outside there is a breeze that whispers through the trees, and sun falls down like rain through the autumn leaves. Now you and I are past and there’s no looking back. Like the leaves I will fall until the sun comes back. You were one I could always call on. I always thought you’d be the one to hold on. I was wrong. You were much stronger, I was far too unwise. You were much stronger and I was weak. This dream of someone I can hold close like the key to my cell feels just like a fools hope when only time can tell what trouble I’ve run from and what trouble I’m running to. Everything’s broken but the thought of you.
Track Name: Woman
Woman gonna be the death of me. Woman gonna break me down. Woman gonna make me lose my mind. Woman gonna mess me around. Woman gonna make me cry hot tears. Woman gonna make me laugh. Woman gonna bring me happiness, then she’s gonna take it back. She knows herself, but she’s got her doubts. So she holds it all in, and shuts me out. She dances alone and never asks for my hand. She tells herself I could never understand. Woman gonna make me doubt myself. Woman gonna make me sigh. Woman gonna knock me to my knees. Woman gonna change my life. I knew her once, but now I couldn’t really say. But she never was so beautiful as when she walked away. I held her hand, she held my heart. I won’t complain, even though she tore it apart.
Track Name: Our Love Is Liqour
Oh my God, my heart is racing thinking of what we might do. It will be so hard tonight for me not to do those things to you. Last night we laid down together on my bed, our legs entangled. All that I can do right now is wonder at this mess I’ve made of you and of me. You lure me in, not with your words, but your lips. I should control myself, not dance around your hips. But I fall way too easily. I said words I couldn’t understand and you drank them from my mouth. What we both knew so well, now we both have doubts. So I’ll take you home and put a salty kiss upon your lips. But we both know those tears will dry so much faster than I’ll forget all of this. You lure me in, not with your words, but your lips. I should control myself, not dance around your hips. But I fall way too easily, and you don’t know what you are doing. But I do.
Track Name: If This Is A Memory
We never really feel it when we’re standing here, its always in the future that things become clear. Life is short and these are the times that we’ll look back and love when all that we loved seems distant. Midnight skies, music in our ears. Fires slowly dying to disappear. Faces we may never see again that twenty years from now will mean the world. I saw your hair glowing in the sun and again in the moonlight when the bells rang once. The lights in the sky on the fourth of July, I’ll remember until the end, from the rooftop where we watched them. If this is a memory I don’t want to know. Memories are just places we can never go that hang in the air until we leave them behind, the embers gently fading into the nighttime sky. Yeah, if this is a memory I don’t want to know. I’ll only regret the place that I can’t go. As time ticks away lets try to make it last, pretending it will never pass. These midnight skies, this music in our ears will be the fires dying to disappear. These faces that we may never see again don’t seem so invincible.
Track Name: Marilyn
Marilyn knew not to walk alone, so she’d find her way back home when the snow and ice had thawed. She knew better than to rome the streets when the snow fell down in sheets, or they’d find her facedown in the cold. But she did not intend on a ride from a friend. What a kind old gentleman. With taillights fading fast, she slipped into the past too fast for us to find. Marilyn, they found your clothes in a garbage bin along the street, they found your body in a bag. So dark is man, yet we’re no better than the ones we damn, because every person can bring hell to earth. Michigain knew not to trust the snow, work is harder in the cold when there’s a child to be found. Oh, the shock of rotten flesh, and all the secrets to confess in such a tiny rural town. There are evils in this world that will never be controlled, but we must look them in the eyes. Marilyn was found, she’d been hanging around, but now she tells no lies. Though we try our best to understand all of this the answer’s not so clear. Still innocence we lose, and people we abuse, and wonder when they disappear.
Track Name: Too Stubborn
I was just a little too stubborn when I turned my eyes away toward what my soul condemned. I watched as my heart changed it’s pattern, and the beating took over. My mouth played pretend. Oh Father forgive me, for I know just what I do. I can’t stop lying because it’s so hard to tell the truth. All my “i”s and all my “me”s keep changing into “you”s. The time slips on by and I do what I do. I guess I never paid much attention, I just turned my eyes from what I really should have seen. I thought, though my heart was in question, I could still spend my time on less important things. So Father, please forgive me for I know just what I’ve done. I’ve lived in this shadow, as it’s so hard to face the sun. And my eyes barely see in contrast with the light. Still the time slips right by, come what might. But please don’t leave me helpless, I can’t just turn around. I know I deserve this after all the things I’ve found. But the dark gets too hard and I cannot find the light when my doubt calls me out into the night.
Track Name: Snowcapped Mountains
A tightly woven sock hat, a scarf around your neck. The winter snow is falling all around you as you step. In your mind you see a memory of a snowcapped mountaintop where you spent the Christmas holiday until your mom and dad split up. Leave it all, throw it away. Keep your eyes on the watery walkway. Wash your face and dry your eyes. No one’s going to see through your disguise. You try all that you know and do all that you can. But has that ever helped you to truly understand? In your mind you know you cannot grow, but still can’t change your mind. All you want, his love, it seems to float up above you in the sky. Don’t give up, turn it around. Leave it all for the new love that you’ve found. Let him go if he brings you pain. Let him go and don’t look back again.
Track Name: You Will Love Again
So you hear she’s got a new love. Someone you know nothing of. Someone that you’ve never met. It’s best to forget. Thrive on that pain, because you will love again. You will love again, but not today. So try to get through smiling. Everybody knows there’s no use in dying tonight. It won’t get you one thing, and you can save face tonight. So don’t close yourself in, eventually you’ll win. There will come a day, but it won’t be this day. Bless the love she found. Don’t ever let her down. She deserves to be loved, that should be enough. You know, yeah, you’ve always known. But you won’t let anyone in. So you hear she’s got a new love. Someone you know nothing of. Someone that you’ve never met. It’s best to forget.
Track Name: The Longing Prayer
Fill my heart with song and I will sing along. Oh my soul is lost without You. I have lived in greed, but You Lord set me free. Oh sweet Lord, I’ll rest in You. Through Your word You have set me right. Against it all now I stand by Your side. All I’ve broken You have made right. In Your peace I shall rest this night. So fill my heart with song and I will sing along. Oh my soul is lost without You. Impurity in me and immorality. Oh sweet Lord, how I’ve betrayed You. But through faith Your grace renews me as I pray. Oh sweet Lord, how I’ll rest in you.